Review Simtag Hydraulic Pedals

I received my Simtag Hyraulic Pedals at the beginning of March. So I´m using them now for like half a year. This means that this review is more like a long time test.


Because the Pedals didn´t passed their test, I had to wait a bit longer than expected. All in all this wasn´t a problem and just showed how important quality is for Simtag. Also they informed me about the status all the time.

I received the Pedals in a solid carton. They were wrapped pretty good and nothing could move around (pictures below).

Included in the box:

  • Simtag Hydraulic Pedals
  • Connecting Cable, Leo Bodnar USB Cable
  • Red, stiffer rubber (already installed) and black, softer rubber for the brake.
  • Two springs for the clutch (One softer and one stiffer one)
  • Two springs for the throttle (Again one softer and one stiffer one)


The Hydraulic pedals are very easy to mount. The pedal box and the hydraulic are all mounted on a metal sheet.

They come pre-calibrated, so I just had to calibrate them in game (in my case iRacing). For my personal preferences, I changed the travel of the accelerator Pedal. After that a re-calibration for that pedal was necessary, but very easy with the Leo Bodnar software tool. With that you also can adjust your higher and lower dead zones and the lower can be set to nearly zero.


You can change the spring for the clutch and the acceleration pedal to make it stiffer or softer. For the brake, there are two rubbers (black and red) also to change the stiffness. All pedals can be lean forward and the pedal plates can be moved upwards or downwards. For the acceleration pedal and the clutch pedal you can change the travel.


For the first time using the Simtag Hydraulic Pedals already felt very nice. At the beginning I had some problems with the braking because I always was to conservative and missed my braking point or I was too aggressive and locked the tires. After some driving I developed a feel for it.

Maybe root cause for getting familiar with these pedals is that they behave much more realistic. This means you have to build up more pressure at the beginning under braking to get enough force for the whole braking period. To adjust the force while braking needs much more effort which makes it more difficult.

Simtag uses the Tilton pedal box which is very stable and has nearly no clearance. This also leads to a very precise behavior. While trying to be fast you can go to the limit step by step and hold it lap for lap.


I´m using the stiffer spring which fits nice to my preferences. After adjusting the travel, I also felt comfortable in a short time. It has a nice feel and is very precise.

The stop of the pedal travel is adjustable with a screw hitting on metal. This leads to a little noise when hitting the throttle abrupt to a maximum. While driving, I don´t realize this so it´s nothing bad but could be a bit more quiet by using a rubber cap for example.


Maybe the most important pedal and with this Simtag Hydraulic Pedals also the best one. First I thought that the short travel could be a problem for me because I´m usually using a lot of travel on each pedal but it was no problem at all. Even with the short travel it is very precise and easy to find the pressure you need for a good braking. I also use the stiffer rubber which needs a bit more of effort but makes it easier for me to brake consistently.

With these pedals I´m getting better under braking again. Maybe my lap times for one lap is not that much faster but over a stint or race I can run faster and more consistent laps.


Again, I´m using the stiffer spring which makes the clutch very hard to press. Also this one feels very solid. For me it has the feeling of a real clutch.


I already did some races and a lot of practice with these Simtag Hydraulic Pedals and I still like them verymuch. From time to time I still get more comfortable with them. Since I got them and set them up correctly for me I never had to change something or had any technical or electronical issues. They just feel exactly the same since the first day. Furthermore in this six months there was no need to tighten screws or something else. 

They exceed all my expectation by far. It is not just the nice feeling they also making me

faster in a race.

Even the price is very high and so maybe not that best for a casual racer they are definitely worth it when you are going to race a lot and for a long time. I never want to change back to other pedals again.

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